Saturday, October 6, 2007

Whoopi on Abortion

I don't follow The View so I had no idea that this type of dialogue was going on. Whoopi really tells it like it is. Very impressed.

Thanks to for the video.


Meg said...

i can't believe that that was actually played on national television. rock on. i am also impressed by the whole debate that happened. i guess always thought that these programs were boring and didn't talk about anything regarding women, women's health, politics or anything that may empower us at all.

nidhi said...

i find the discussion of hillary's proposed child grant more interesting than whoopi's schpeel on abortion.

i think there are fundamental issues with her proposal and if it is touted as one of her big campaign promises it will ostracize her from a variety of people.

i also think that these discussions are happening more and more every day. user generated content online has shifted political discussions from static to interactive and the talk and response (in comments like this and on party websites) is amazing.

even though there is a lot of crap out there to sift through because of this change, i really appreciate an uncontrolled and free discussion not just amongst the powerful (whether its whoopi or dear abby) but amongst us, the people who have been restricted.

its about time that these discussions started happening in a large and unavoidable way.