Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Cigarrettes and candlelight,
Chapped lips in falling snow,
Jim Croce on the radio,
I'll be for you here and forever
your Best in Show.

Rhythm's on and timing's wrong,
Sweetest wild oats are slow,
I've chains of silver for you to sew,
We move like his words are for us,
my Romeo.

Curry leaves and olive oil,
Hot bellies in careless sleep,
A nick of promise burns to keep,
Your breath is heavy and lovely
and dark and deep.

Coffee drips and eyes are wiped,
The sky yawns as dreams weep
of two fish in a sea of sheep.
I see you with my curtains drawn,
reveled in me.

Cigarrettes and candlelight,
Nights we couldn't say goodbye,
Thick skin and bodies cry,
Is that why we loved those songs?
To identify?

*The newest by our always lovely, Jennifer Lee*

There are a few references- one to a Jim Croce song called "Photographs and Memories", one to the Dire Straights' song "Romeo and Juliet", and one to Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening".

Saturday, November 24, 2007

WTF? rant.

Between the holidays and several gigantic papers, I've been completely ignoring the blog. I still don't really have time to post but have had an issue on my mind recently that I'd like to hear some thoughts on, if you have some time of course.

How do you deal with the negative effects of voicing your opinion? I know that it's right to speak up and say what's on my mind and so I do it regularly. I gave up keeping quiet a long time ago and have dealt with the consequences for years. Lately however it's been weighing on me. Men think I'm a bitch for not laughing at a misogynistic comment or even worse for calling them out on it. It's strange too because I am rarely anything but polite and never go straight on the attack; I might just ask a question about it or begin a discussion in a rational tone. Yet I am stereotyped quickly and misunderstood by whole groups of men just for being opinionated and assertive. I mean shit, without even saying a word I have been harassed for what I am assumed to be thinking (of course this only happens with men who don't know me at all).

Any thoughts about this? Does this happen to anyone else? If so, how do you deal with it?

I have to speak my mind and be myself but I also want to be understood and even liked. Maybe that's the problem.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

BC for All!

If you're in NYC this Monday, November 12th, be sure to make it over to Washington Square Park for the Rally for Affordable Birth Control from 4:45-6pm! I know some of you are down there so screw work, head on over, and let us know how it goes. More info:
Birth control costs have risen dramatically (up to 10 times!) since the Deficit Reduction Act took effect this year, leaving students and low-income women out in the cold. The act effectively ended the discounted rates that college health centers and safety-net providers like Planned Parenthood had available to them to provide wide access to birth control. As a result, affordable birth control has become out of reach for many college women. For example, the cost of a pack of birth control on some campuses has risen from $5 to nearly $50 a month!

Featuring Special Guest Speakers, U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Meena Shah from NYU Voices for Choice, and others! Join NYU: Voices for Choice, NOW-NYU,
and NYU Law Students for Reproductive Justice in sending Congress a message to restore affordable access! Meet at Washington Square Park.
The only piece that I'm confused about is whether it is only college women who are affected or if it is all women who get their birth control from Planned Parenthood? I would love to research this right now but am still sick (the news of the month really) and must get to sleep. Feel free to post a comment if you get any info on this.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sick Day Self-Indulgence

So I know should just get a freakin' MySpace, but instead I thought I'd share these wonderful photos right here. And if you want to share some too, I'd love to see how life is going for ya'll. Miss you!

Holdin' down the coasts: NYC, Boston, SF

My last Santa Cruz weekend.

Elizabeth, Meg (I swear), & Carmela

Carmen & Teg's adorable couple shot(?)

Boston foliage!

And today's embarrassing sick day hair and outfit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Violet Love.

During some very serious procrastination this afternoon I stumbled upon Violet Blue, who may very well be my new favorite person. How to explain her? She is so many things really, but in two-ish words: Sex-positive superwoman! She is a best-selling author of lotsa awesome books!, blogger, vlogger, burlesque babe, and of course the sex columnist for the SF Chronicle (why not?).

So if you wanna know about anything sex, she's your gal.