Monday, January 7, 2008

Oil & Water Meet Religion & Feminism

Sure you can be a feminist and be religious, as long as you don't read your holy text. In her article God Hates Women: Feminism and religion do not mix, Allison Kilkenny presents examples of misogyny from major religious texts.
...There is no room in religion for feminism, the doctrine advocating the equality of rights, social and political, with those of men. For feminism to work, it must exist outside of the constraining margins of religion. It must operate outside of the assumption that women are inferior to men, which is a foundational belief of the major theologies.
Pharyngula points out that Kilkenny does not mention female-centered religions like Wicca. I would like to argue that Wicca is not a major player when it comes to religion, however some folks estimate it to be the U.S.'s third largest religion by 2012. Huh.

Thanks Pharyngula!

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Korin said...

Brings my friend Crystal to mind. Ha! I knew they wouldn't mix - but was is it that religion seems to win out?