Friday, February 8, 2008

Undifferentiated Again?!?!?

Your Score: Undifferentiated

You scored 0% masculinity and 0% femininity!

You scored low on both masculinity and femininity. Your personality includes characteristics of both traditional sex roles, but your gender is not strongly defined.

Alright well I don't really get what Richard Simmons has to do with it but this is not the first time the Bem Sex Role Inventory has labeled me "undifferentiated". And probably not the last time either. The description may make it sound alright, but the meaning here is very different from androgynous (another possible outcome) which would refer to a person who scored high on masculinity and femininity. 0% masculinity, 0% femininity - do I have a personality?!?! Anyway if you want to see if you're a Richard Simmons or Arnold Schwarzenegger or Marilyn Monroe click here.

Shout out to Meg for immediately coming up with the name "Richard Simmons" from the clues: fitness guy in the 80's, seems gay, white with a fro.

1 comment:

mega said...

i too am undifferentiated. which apparentally makes us both richard simmons. how much stock do we put in this test anyway? i'm curious, is this shit for real?