Thursday, August 2, 2007

how things end

ten people got shot
while we shared a blunt on the roof
burned in a hot sleep
woke on opposite sides of the bed

...and my heart lays like a crushed soda can

2 in the morning

we sat solemn like mourners
smoking cigarettes in the dark and
pillaging what the dead had left plates to replace the ones he broke; no stand-ins for broken people

rats run the kitchen

the walls stink and sweat and
i cross my fingers for just a piece of him
at the top of the stairs

...yet i have no concept of your loss

a fossil of what was

what will never be again
we evolved too fast between these sheets
between these streets

...and even garbage looks fresh in the morning

pull/pull away

today we can't pretend anymore
i said goodbye and i meant it
walked away wondering who those bullets were meant for


Kristin said...

A little flattery and you'll do whatever I want. Plus, it's always wise, I guess, to please your biggest fan.

But really, this is a great piece and I second Ilya's assertion that you should be published.

mega said...

seriously, i'm completely under your control.