Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Cigarrettes and candlelight,
Chapped lips in falling snow,
Jim Croce on the radio,
I'll be for you here and forever
your Best in Show.

Rhythm's on and timing's wrong,
Sweetest wild oats are slow,
I've chains of silver for you to sew,
We move like his words are for us,
my Romeo.

Curry leaves and olive oil,
Hot bellies in careless sleep,
A nick of promise burns to keep,
Your breath is heavy and lovely
and dark and deep.

Coffee drips and eyes are wiped,
The sky yawns as dreams weep
of two fish in a sea of sheep.
I see you with my curtains drawn,
reveled in me.

Cigarrettes and candlelight,
Nights we couldn't say goodbye,
Thick skin and bodies cry,
Is that why we loved those songs?
To identify?

*The newest by our always lovely, Jennifer Lee*

There are a few references- one to a Jim Croce song called "Photographs and Memories", one to the Dire Straights' song "Romeo and Juliet", and one to Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening".

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mega said...

thank you for posting this. i am jennifer lee's newest and biggest fan. this poem is so sweet and real. it touched me. but i won't say where...