Friday, November 9, 2007

Sick Day Self-Indulgence

So I know should just get a freakin' MySpace, but instead I thought I'd share these wonderful photos right here. And if you want to share some too, I'd love to see how life is going for ya'll. Miss you!

Holdin' down the coasts: NYC, Boston, SF

My last Santa Cruz weekend.

Elizabeth, Meg (I swear), & Carmela

Carmen & Teg's adorable couple shot(?)

Boston foliage!

And today's embarrassing sick day hair and outfit.


lydz said...

love love love

Kristin said...

Oh yeah and shout out to Lydz for taking the three couch shots!

mega said...

oh these pictures warmed my heart. and i'm not gonna lie, i totally stole one and myspaced it. hey, i don't have a digital camera; bootleg's all i got...

thanks for putting these up. i miss you all!

Meg said...

thanks for putting those up. I have been wanting to see everyone's beautiful faces. i miss you guys.s

nidhi said...

the last photo is hot. ;)

and... you look so studious with your glasses and the foliage. hehe! hope all is well out there.

lydz said...

hey- were there other pics (like maybe any w/me in the nudge nudge) that you could email me or something?
take it easy and dont get too cold over there!