Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Looking Down In and Around (my blog poetry debut)

In class we’re making esoteric conclusions about
Sensing and perception or
Some other deep connection

I look out the window three stories down
To the concrete ground and
see some guy look around
check the line of sight

drop his pants to the cold night
and take a shit
Behind a car
Poetic right?

I am paying all this money to reach inside
Into the wilderness of my own terrain
Encounter my own pain

While people are outside
No warmth, No place to hide
Forced to make private public
Forgo pride

behind cars
Praying for toilet paper saviors

Can I justify this- maybe bury myself in my own body bliss?
Or maybe convince myself that
it matters as we tiptoe over shatters
of broken glass and broken lives and
broken people, scattered

maybe though this knowledge now of how to hold
All of the broken parts- what’s traded bought and sold
The mind and the body and the soul

and this broken heart and this beaten down ground

Its somehow gonna matter in this upsidedown world
Where a shit is public property
And we cant be who our souls can see
And the street sweeps suck it up
In the morning for minimum wage fee


mega said...

thank you for sharing this with us. you have a real voice and it's very beautiful.

Kristin said...

Wow Jamie, I never knew! I mean like, really really good. Inspired and impressed. Hope you keep posting 'em!