Friday, December 21, 2007

my voodoo heart

even when you're not walking away
when you're lying in bed
when you promise to stay

you have my heart
all pricked with pins
you stick and i twist
when a new one goes in

you've got me lovesick
and falling apart
you're eyes are on mine
but your knife's in my heart

this voodoo love is killing me
even standing up, i'm still on my knees
this voodoo heart will do me in
everytime you say you love me
i feel the prick of a pin

*this is not meant to connote anything negative about the voodoo religion. i'm just using a recognizable (and unfortunately misrepresented) concept to convey my idea...hope no one's offended and if you are please let me know...

1 comment:

lydz said...

wow- what a soulful poem
thanks again for sharing yourself w/us
keep writing and loving...