Tuesday, September 4, 2007

tribute to summer

goodbye sweet summer
is it time to leave so soon?
lying here
putting caps on empty bottles
i can't find my sweater
and i'm not ready to go home

the shortest season
of the most delicious freedom
rolled past hot and slow.

on the stairs blowing smoke into the night
i feel inflated with the emptiness
of saying goodbye

so long sad summer
i know you're gonna miss me
your naked heat invites my vices

and i wish we could stay here
forever together
making promises to the dark

no more melting alone
in my breathless cage
together or apart
we sweat
summer you have flung me
and i don't know where i'll land

so here's to you
queen of all seasons
to short hot months
and long hot nights
popsicles, martinis, sunburns and heels
and the green seed of yearning we'll carry through the cold

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Makes me sad that I missed summer on the East Coast. All I have is the upcoming Winter with no memories of hot New England nights to warm me.