Wednesday, September 19, 2007

seriously, women, I've been bleeding out of cycle for 14 days...
that's 20 days this month, of blood flowing from my vagina, and I have NO CLUE what is going on
can anyone relate? is this a national crisis? anyone else having freakish menstruation?
I took the morning after pill two months ago. Could my body be super unbalanced from that life saving little package? I've taken that pill many times before and this has never happened. FUCK.
can I get some sympathy?
love, crazy and bloated in queens ny

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mega said...

dear crazy and bloated in queens,

first, sympathy. that fucking sucks. check the morning after pill possible side effects-i think bleeding is one of them so you could definitely be normal...;) i was thinking, maybe you got my period cuz i don't know where it is...

to get a little feministy on you, i just want to say men don't even know. they do not even know. all the shit we go through just to feel okay. so here's to doctors and booze and sex and motherfucking periods.

and love always to all the ladies