Wednesday, September 12, 2007

r u coming?

If IKEA had their Swedish designers make vibrators, they'd make this one. The Cone is a new vibrator for a new time. Alright so I haven't tried it but I stumbled upon it at Smitten Kitten and was intrigued.

I checked out The Cone website and it was actually kinda fun. They have a crazy virtual 3-D Cone that you can unpack, turn on, and play with the settings (check out orgasm mode!). You can also watch their advertisement and browse pictures, which reveal that The Cone is the biggest freakin' vibrator you've ever seen. Plus, the critics are pleased. It even won Best Adult Product at the 2007 Adult Industry Awards. Nice. It's a little pricey ($129 at Smitten Kitten), but sounds worth it for anyone with the cash.


nidhi said...

damn that's expensive for a huge, pink vibrator. it looks nice and all, but how functional is that, really?


mega said...

dude, i saw this thing at a store a few months ago and was definitely impressed. i just love how everyone in the pictures looks totally breezy like, yeah, i'm just chillin here reading...ooh, am i sitting on something pointy? is it giving me an orgasm?

potenta said...

yeaaah...but if it pleasure's you like no other, it may be worth it :D