Sunday, July 1, 2007

I am Beautiful.

"Big girls, you are beautiful" is a great sentiment, but something seems off about this. Maybe it's that it still poses women's bodies as objects to be judged (and either approved or rejected) by men. Maybe it's that the women don't have the agency or voice in the video to say, "I know I am beautiful". Or maybe it's just the odd lyrical references to diet coke and pizza. Either way, I am not convinced that this is a step forward, even for pop music.


Mega said...

i didn't even want to finish watching this video...i'm so tired of men, and even other women telling women how and when to appreciate their bodies. hey big girls-it's your turn now! all you anorexics best get to bingeing because bones are SO OUT right now. now, we're all about curves--wait, i mean "curves in all the right places". god forbid you have like, small boobs and a big waist. or no ass and some jiggly thighs. come on people, we have to have some standards...

yeah, i'm tired of it. let's leave nicole richie alone, lay off britney's baby weight, and just shut the fuck up about women's bodies already.

CryptoGay said...

and how about the fact that the GUY who's judging all these women to be beautiful weighs about 90 lbs?

and most of the "big" girls in his group are more like "average-sized"?