Thursday, July 5, 2007


So if you have a Mac you won't be impressed but I just got one today(!), and this is my lame excuse for art.

Speaking of amazing female artists, yesterday I made an appointment with Idexa at Black & Blue Tattoo. Black & Blue Tattoo is a woman owned and operated tattoo parlor in the Haight that I totally can't wait to support. If you're in the SF area and looking to get inked, I recommend checking them out. If you want to work with Idexa though, be prepared to wait. I took her next available appointment which isn't for over a month and also happens to be my birthday. I'm stoked.


nidhi said...

what program did you do that in?
so awesome!
welcome to the mac family. ;)

Kristin said...

It's called Photo Booth, it just came on the computer. The computer has a camera already in it(!) and the program just has different effects. I am really excited because it's my first laptop. I am totally going to Perg's today to use it outside my house!