Tuesday, June 19, 2007

College Bound Women, Beware!

I listened to this story on NPR. The gist of it is that women are applying in larger numbers to small liberal colleges (where the research came from) and the administrators are working to keep a gender balance by not admitting as many women.

What does that mean, my female friends? It means we are being turned away from college due to our pussies. Yep. My feelings on affirmative action are mixed in, of course, because I do feel that it is historically necessary to admit qualified "minorities" into college ahead of qualified white students.

The study reports that women take more interest in their school work, do more extracurricular activities and excel more in general from an early age onwards. Shouldn't we be rewarded because of that?

Affirmative action legislation has been split for some time. I don't feel that this new development would stand well in court, especially when it's not a race issue. We're talking about more than half the population here, doesn't it make sense that we would be a larger presence in colleges?


Kristin said...

Excluding qualified women for the sake of a gender balance is not affirmative action because it has nothing to do with leveling the historic playing field. Those with power and privilege (which may have something to do with why they don't try as hard in school - maybe they're used to things handed to them??) are being favored. I mean shit, "not everybody can wander around in an alcoholic haze and then at 40 just, you know, decide to be president." Thank you John Stewart, I think that applies very well here.

nidhi said...

omg. your point is so right on! it's the power/privilege thing taking over!!

not only do they not have to try as hard, but they can leave it up to college administrators to take care of their notworkingashardaswomen asses by letting them in to keep balanced.

will it ever be equal? damn, its depressing.