Thursday, June 14, 2007

my plan a: don't get pregnant

i just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that i live in a city where i can get the morning after pill at the fucking drug store. in this world that george w and other wack-jobs are fast destroying, rarely do i take a minute to think about the shit we've gained in the last few decades. granted, they're trying to take that shit away from us every day, but today no one can take away the joy it gives me to walk into the duane reade and say, i'd like the morning after pill, please. what a privelege! what a delight!

it took three long years for nonprescription sales to be allowed*, but today is a new day. today it's okay that the condom broke, as long as i have photo id and 45 dollars.

thanks to a long and arduous struggle by activists, the makers of plan b, and politicians, i won't spend a tense three weeks waiting for my period, wondering if i'm about to be faced with a life-altering decision because i had sex the other night. mmmm freedom and little white pills taste sweet.

we've got a long way to go, but right now i'm staying positive. ladies, let's go forth and exercise our right to fuck up a little.

*to those 18 and over


Kristin said...

Yes, those little pills contain the sweet taste of reproductive freedom!

It was so funny to talk to you and realize that I had read all about the decision and how it's been difficult to get Plan B in some cities and everything, but then when it came down to it I wasn't sure about how to get it. Turns out you just walk in and ask. Sweet.

Kristin said...

Sorry, gotta leave another comment. This is just fucked. It is so awesome that we are afforded this basic fucking human right - but our sisters in the military are denied this same right.

"A 2003 survey financed by the Defense Department found that almost a third of military women reported being the victim of rape or attempted rape during their tenure in the military. Yet in return for their service, servicewomen are denied access to basic health care."

I wanna cry.

mega said...

i wanted to acknowledge that in my plan b delerium i forgot to address the whole you need 45 bux thing. basically, anybody who doesn't have that kind of money to spare (after rent, food, other children...)or some medical insurance can't enjoy the morning after pill with the same ease as myself.
just putting that out there.