Saturday, June 9, 2007

An Insightful Piece about Women's Rights

Not that I expect anything more from Fox, but this is some bullshit. I mean I understand why feminazis are so scary. They are clearly angry man-hating, baby-hating, irrational cunts whose only goal in life is to work (how dare they?!?!) and help other women (ACLU-lovin' bitches). It's frightening, I know. Unapologetically Female says it well...
Because according to them, pregnancy discrimination is non-issue. Because their message is apparently that pregnant women should know better than to think they're capable of doing their jobs or that they should be entitled to their state-mandated worker's rights before, during, and after their pregnancies. That pregnant women don't need to make a living. They should just shut up and smile and bask in the glow of the little miracle growing inside their bodies whether or not they are able to financially support it. And that those who actually speak up and demand their rights are loud, strident, baby-hating bitches. This garbage is on national television.
It really is amazing how so many people participated in getting this on the air. And by amazing, I mean disturbing.

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