Monday, June 18, 2007

Paul Hill Days

On July 29, 1994 Paul Hill (the hero of the story) loaded his gun and set out for the local abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida. He waited outside until clinic physician, John Britton, and his unfortunate escort, James Barrett, arrived. Hill quickly ended the lives of these two people in the name of God. On September 3, 2003 Hill died by lethal injection at Florida State Prison shortly after announcing he felt no remorse and would receive "a great reward in heaven".

Here is where it gets freaky. Hill sounds like a fringe lunatic and a terrorist, but he is not alone. He was part of the Army of God. This is a pro-life organization which promotes the use of violence to end the lives of those that provide women with safe, legal abortions. But what is even freakier is that they are not alone in these acts. To further the disgust factor these acts are not only being defended, but people are actually celebrating them.

Hence Paul Hill Days. Come on out and partake in the spring festivities celebrating the life and murders of Paul Hill. That's right, this is a four-day event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which includes reenactments of the murders. Classy. Three organizations are sponsoring this event: Children Need Heroes, StreetPreach, and Paul Hill Memorial.

If you would like to tell them what you think, please feel very welcome to e-mail: or call (920) 918-4550.


Mega said...

wait, read me the part where god says we should kill people again...

nidhi said...

am i the only one afraid to click any of the links in your story?

i don't really want to know about it, and i don't want to see it on the web.

it's one thing to have beliefs, its a whole other thing to commit acts of violence because your beliefs don't match someone else's.

in reading some interviews with dalai llama this week, he speaks about how forcing your beliefs on someone else will never achieve your goal. its best to live/lead by example.

men can't even have abortions, so how can they provide any example or contribute to the discussion at all.

silly humans. silly, silly, silly.