Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why Did God Make Sunburns?

Maybe to punish sinful light-skinned dykes? Yesterday’s San Francisco Dyke March became quite the display of God’s wrath on those with light dyke skin. Well, of course he’s angry, those bitches were rallying for healthcare for all and we all know God only provides healthcare to the deserving.

But seriously, the scene in Dolores Park was pretty amazing. I don’t know the exact numbers, but there had to have been a couple thousand drunk, exuberant, tattooed queer women gathered for the festivities. These festivities included ignoring the stage show, seeing & being seen, avoiding ex-girlfriends, consuming delicious food & drink, peeing in the bushes, and obtaining free breast exams. (Most of which were provided by licensed professionals!)

And here is where I admit that I did not stick around for the actual marching. All of the excitement in combination with two previous late nights out, six hours of sun, and of course the booze just did me in. But it really was a fantastic time. Wonderful folks I hadn’t seen in forever, lots of new friends I can’t wait to see again, and then the array of interesting strangers that I won’t soon forget. Back in my quiet Santa Cruz apartment, they are all missed. All I have now is a couple photos, a free breast exam t-shirt, and of course my sunburn.

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Mega said...

and this whole time i thought god was punishing me for being white. turns out i'm gay, which explains why no one stoned me when i showed up to participate in the nyc dyke march. unlike you soft san francisco dykes, us new york lesbians have a higher mission than just getting drunk and making out with our ex-girlfriends' exes. the march is still firmly rooted in its protest roots, and had more of a defiant vibe than a women loving women vibe. that said, my opinion was tainted before i got there, as i had heard that the ny dyke march organizers are notoriously trans-phobic, and in the past have apparentally asked transgender people and allies to please support from the sidelines. because of the nature of the march, i can understand why it is important that allies not participate directly. however, when trans woman are being excluded one has to wonder what we are fighting for, and who we are fighting against.
but don't worry dykes, i'm still your biggest fan. and i'll make sure to cheer from behind the barricade.