Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gay Pride: Santa Cruz Style

It seems I am finally recovering from mono (no pregnancy guys, just a nasty virus). Sunday was my first big day out after too much bed rest. Luckily for me, it was also Santa Cruz Pride. I walked down to the parade on Pacific Avenue and took some snapshots:

As usual, a heartening mix of music and chanting filled the street and I clapped along. I am so thankful to live in a place where this is not only tolerated or accepted, but appreciated. I overheard a woman next to me, clearly a Santa Cruz native, explaining Pride to a traveler. The man was saying that nothing like this exists where he is from. I was stoked to see him place a gay rights sticker on his shirt.

Unfortunately I missed the Dyke March and subsequent celebrations, but I did manage to get my dance on at the Dakota midday on Sunday. Did you know that there's a skylight above that dance floor? It was like an afternoon at Babylon, let me tell ya.

Yup, the gays were definitely out in full force this weekend, and I'm excited to do it all over again in San Francisco on the 23rd & 24th! Who's with me?


Hendershott said...

Let's see if this posts so I know I did it right, before I try anything else.

CryptoGay said...

i completely missed the parade because i got downtown at 11:40. the parade was less than 40 minutes long! and the "festival" in the park was pretty damn boring. i got there too early maybe?

Kristin said...

Yeah, the parade was short for sure, but it always is. I thought it actually seemed longer than usual. No bi contigent though, that was disappointing. I didn't get down to the festival until about 2pm and it was as I expected. No fireworks or anything, but lots of people, information, and food.